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The Raye Freedman Library has a policy of impartiality, non-alignment and inclusiveness. Membership is open to any individual or group that has a Jewish interest.

  Family & Individual Membership: $20.00 per year.
  Organisational Membership: $50.00 per year.

Membership entitlements include:
  Loaning up to 3 Videos or DVDís for a week
  Loaning up to 10 Books for 28 days, (Institutions can loan up to 20)
  Browsing our extensive Catalogue on the Web
  Booking exclusive hire of the Library for educational purposes at no extra cost
  Regular newsletter and updates on the range of community activities planned at the Library.

For more information of how to become a member and joining the Raye Freedman Library pick up a membership brochure and application form when next visiting the Library.
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